Friday, February 22

Ask and You Shall Receive

Today is one of my few days that I can stop in to the post office during window hours.  We chatted about a few things and the one lady behind the counter was interested in Postcrossing so I showed her a few I had just received and explained the how-to's.  Hopefully she jumps in!  And I am pretty sure if she had not asked, she would never have looked at it further. 
I also asked the status on the new Muscle car stamp series.  Just so happened they had them in the safe and were unsure whether they could sell them.  A quick double check revealed the stamps were up for sale!  If I had not asked. it may have been next week before the beauties were unveiled!  I love my little post office even if they do run out of stamps from time to time.

I guess it never hurts to just ask a question every now and again!

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