Monday, January 28

Make Something Monday - You Can Do It!

As the title says, I want you to feel empowered that you too can make something fabulous and send it.  I started this weekly post to get my creative juices flowing and as a challenge to myself.  I am not overly artistic, but I try, and so far, not so bad.  But I am creatively lazy and spend long periods of time between trying.  This weekly post makes me get out the tons of craft supplies I already have and use them.  Well, at least once a week!

This week I decided to keep it simple.  I wanted something easy that anybody could do.  As the year gets rolling, I (we if you are along for the challenge) will try harder things.  So we are decorating stationery today.

Somebody gave me this set of plain stationery since they did not want it anymore.  But you could just as easily take a 9x11 sheet and cut it in half to make 9x5.5 sheets which are a more typical stationery size.
 I gathered a few stamps and a few inks.  They can be any old stamp and ink.  I chose stamps I got on clearance along with the cheap ink pads just to show this is cheap and easy.
 Then I stamped the sheets- so far, easy.
 I decided to embellish mine a bit more.
 And a wee bit of green to make a little pop of color.

Now if that was too simple for you,
a) Why don't you do it more often?
b) Now we'll jazz it up a bit more.
Again, ink and stamp.  With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought this appropriate.  I then took some regular old washi style tape from Target and underlined the words.
 I decided to tear, but you can cut the edges.

If you do not have washi or a Target near you, then take a ruler or envelope and just draw a line.  I drew 2 and scribbled in between.  I think it still looks good enough to send.
 Then I grabbed a cheap sheet of heart stickers from Sticko and started embellishing.

I dare you to use the entire sheet of stickers!  Holy heart-a-palooza!  I am sure that your efforts will turn out as good as mine and get plenty of positive feedback.

Happy making!  You can do it!


  1. Seriously, why don't I do it more often?? I've been trying to purpose myself to spruce up my plain writing paper (I got a whole stack of nice resume paper that I love to write on, but it's so plain and boring!)... love the washi embellishments & the rubber stamp ideas!

  2. I think it looks great too. I have lots of plain paper that I can spruce up. I like that you are sharing these ideas.

  3. Really cute handmade stationery! :)

  4. I like it when you show us easy things to do!