Wednesday, January 23

Incoming Continued!

More, you want more and you shall get it!
 A nice note from KC.  I love the cookie stamp.  You could send me those year round!
 A wonderful young writer from Belgium set up an account on under Santa's Helper.  She wanted to send people something they wanted that would make them happy.  I asked her to make me something.  On the inside is a letter and a poem, good job!
 Apparently this is a copy of a painting.  I am not sure I want to meet her cat.  - from Postcrossing.
A great Finnish Postcrossing.  Love the socks!
 A Postcrossing from Germany, I believe.  Took these a week ago.  Quick more DHA my memory is failing!
 Child's art.  A Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
 An awesome postcrossing from Portugal!  I love this card!
A great postcrossing of light houses.  Which brings me to an interesting fact: Did you know the state with the most lighthouses in the USA is Michigan?  Seriously people, if you've never seen the Great Lakes, you should!
 A nice letter from GL - Sending you much love in return!
 An earlier letter from CKB.  We've been on a kick of writing quick replies.  Do you ever get into these with certains pen pals?  I've had a few, but then life checks us back to a slower reply.
A postcrossing from Germany showing a beautiful palace.
 A happy new year card from Russia.
 This has to be one of my favorite postcards.  The festival is to celebrate horse carriages.  Then the Chicken restaurant card taped to the back.  It's sad in a way that fast food is so prevalent. But I was happy to see it.  Also my first postcard from the Phillipines.

 A great Christmas card from Anne.  It folds out to reveal 3 cut out snowflakes.
A postcrossing from Taiwan.  The sender was unclear as to its significance.  I know this "commemorates a local hero", but no other info.

I will try to get some more up in the next 2 days.  Until then, may your mailbox be full!
Happy Handwriting Day!


  1. A fabulous way to travel all around the world without moving! great!