Sunday, January 27

More Mail

I am still catching up with the mail photo back log and hopefully, cross those writing fingers, this is the last of the Christmas stuff.  Next it'll be hearts galore because we will be going Valentine crazy.  I have no idea why I am into V-Day so much this year, but I am rolling with it.
 A postagram - never seen one before this.  That my friends (sisters) sent me of their children on vacation.  The picture tears out if you want to frame it.
 Above and below are from Ciara.  With another of her fabulous mini-zines.  She decided to write on vellum for this letter.  It definitely had a different effect.

 From dear WD.  I was so tardy in my reply. Insert sad face.  Good to know if its up on the blog, then I replied to you.  Sometimes so long ago that I already got a reply back!
 Miss Mendy sends me a great letter.
 A postcrossing from Russia that led to a reply.  This is of a Chagall painting.
 A hot damn good postcrossing card from Texas.  This too led to a reply.
 A tardy card!  Malyss sent this to me in October from her travels to Poland.  It finally arrived last week!  
 Above and below are from the Post Muse.  I like the stamped paper, gives me an idea. . . .

 A colorful card also from Malyss but mailed from Franc without an ounce of tardiness.
 CA sends me good tidings for the New Year.
A great card from Aida in Malaysia.  She points out that Malaysia is front and center on the Christmas card. Love it!  She sent me some Disney princess stickers.  Now before anybody gets too excited, these have already been promised to a young lady, just back from Disney world.
A really nice Russian Postcrossing that pointed out the orthodox celebrated Christmas a week after the New Year began.  Nothing like snow angels to brighten ones day!
Some awesome home made fun Christmas cards from the Taradactyl herself.  She will be guest posting next month!

That's it for this post.  Tomorrow is Make Something Monday and I will be trying my best to meet up to Ciara's high standards the previous post!

My Best,


  1. I have 2 boxes which helps. Really I do not get as much as it seems. Postcrossing inflates the numbers.

  2. Glad the stickers came through!! I was a bit anxious about that one, haha. And I hope the vellum wasn't too distracting to read on. ;)

  3. Ooh that pet rat zine is the cutest :)

  4. Is your postman happy to have so much work?.. :o)