Sunday, January 6


Blogger is behaving badly today and not allowing me to upload any photos so instead of publishing the amazing back log of mail I have, I thought we would move forward with a few amazing paper art sites I found while looking for ideas on making "something" different.
Hopefully this is all fixed tomorrow for the start of "Make Something Monday"!

For the visually inspired check out
Smashing Magazine's link on paper art images.
or this older link to Paper Art  - 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art

For the doers, check out a paper quilling demo on YouTube
Or a demo on making your own stationery here

Have fun and feel inspired to do it yourself!


  1. Since 3 days , I can't load pics anymore too. But I found a way: I load pics on picasa, and then load them from there. Much longer, but at least I can post;

  2. One word for Paper Art: WOWWWWWW !!!
    --- Monique (Netherlands) ---