Sunday, January 20

Make Something Monday - A Little Late

Hello all!
The previous post explained that my home internet was out.  I do not want to complain, but a major phone and internet provider gave me a run around on a new power cord for the modem.  Luckily it is all fixed now and I will scurry to get up a few posts.  I think I have fixed the cord chewing, cayenne was added to the bitter spray.  We shall see . . .

So on to a project!
More postcards, but this time I did a bit of a tutorial for you.

I decided to use some watercolor paper and create some valentines.

First you cut it down.  One piece will make 4 postcards.

I had 6 hearts I had salvaged from some brochures they were tossing at work.  But you could make something similar with cutting paper and layering stamps or just paper slivers.

Next apply some acrylic.

It doesn't have to be perfect, and put it together after it dries with your favorite adhesive.  Get the edges really good.
 I played with these and made them each a little different.  Now you have something you can proudly mail!
I know Sloopy likes them!

Finally a surprise!  I asked a few of my mail friends that I have written awhile and come to think of it, I think I have met them all too face to face, to contribute guest posts to Make Something Monday.  They will interject over the next few months and the first up is this Monday.  So stay tuned, she did a fab job!!!
Happy Creating!


  1. Those turned out really cute!!

  2. I love them! Can I jump on board next week for Make Something Monday?