Friday, January 4

Which Was Your Favorite?

Occassionally I stop in at the Beyond the Perf blog and see what is happening in the stamp world.  I recently saw an article about the reader's picks for their favorite stamps of the 2012 year.  I was a little surprised at a few of the picks, but also inspired to name my 5 favorites of the last year.

1) Cherry Blossom Centennial stamp

2) The Flowers painting by William H. Johnson

3) The Chinese New Years Dragon

4) the Scientist
The details in the background are surprising

5)And I had a soft spot for the Earthscapes as a round about from the nearby railyards was in it.

Sorry I had wanted to put photos in but the camera is on the fritz again. 


  1. Cool! My favorite was actually the USS Constitution, which is #5 on the reader's pick list. I was a little late in the stamp game this year (my P.O. didn't advertise new stamps until recently), so I missed some of 2012's releases.

    1. And that is why I go online to buy most of my stamps. I like the PO I have in Nazareth, but they ran out of stamps today so not super reliable on the latest and greatest.