Tuesday, January 22

End of the Year Mail- New Beginnings

I know I am getting late here, but before we hit February, I really wanted to get the last of Christmas letters up for you all to see.  Somehow we are already past mid month - when the heck did that happen????
 Postcrossings - check out that awesome spider stamp.  I personally only like spiders as stamp.

 A letter from MC - I was terribly tardy in my reply.
A letter and a mini zine from CKB!  Always nice to hear from a friend.
 A very nice packet of papery goodness from Return to Rural.
 Happy New Years to you too LR, an to the return of Tim and Heidi.
 A nice letter from Troy.  Seriously, I wish my handwriting were a third as neat.
A wonderful note from NF.  She is a very talented card maker!
 A nice made card from JK. Viewmasters - know that is rocking it old school!
 CB a nice textile note.
 JD and warm wishes for the holidays.
The sisters Margaret and Donna, always remember to send me something on their travels.

And tomorrow - more!


  1. I've received a note from Troy too and I totally understand what you mean about his handwriting. It makes me wish mine was prettier ;)

  2. Ha ha - talented! I centered one of your stickers on a pre-made card!!! What talent!!!

  3. Yay! It's so fun to see something I've sent. :)