Tuesday, January 8

End of Last Year Mail

I do not think I have even tried to put up my mail in over a month.  Partly due to the busy of the holidays and partly because other areas of my life have needed more attention, sorry but it's true.  My thoughts have been wrapped up in life changes and the needs of others.  Maybe the new year will bring a break in those areas and allow me to focus on creating and mailing. A girl can dream!

Here is a start on the all the mail received.  I thank you who contributed to a happy mailbox.
 From Kati H.
 A wonderful journal and Christmas ornament from Malyss
 Postcrossing from Finland
 Postcrossing from Poland
 2 Postcrossings - 1 from China and the other from the USA
 A postcrossing from Russia and a postcard from Anne
 A postcrossing from the USA
 A letter from Miss Millie
 A postcrossing a card from the Piccadilly Post
 A postcrossing
 A letter from JK
A wonderful package from the Piccadilly Post.  She sent some of her collage work.

I will post more soon!
Happy Mailing!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed!My only problem to make cards is that I have no time! :(