Monday, January 14

Make Something Monday- Postponed

Hello all!
I have pictures taken but currently my computer access is hindered by a lack of power to my modem.  How did this happen you may ask? Well if I could post a picture it would look something like a thin power cord chewed in the center till it is hanging by a thread.  Hmmm, I suspect the new cat to the household.  As soon as this part gets replaced, I will be back at posting. 
As long as the flu does not get me!  We are currently passing it around the office and the intial signs of tiredness and coughing are upon me.  Do not worry though, I will be looking into a new phone and other means of internet access as soon as the roof gets replaced, should only be a few more weeks or months. . .

Stay healthy my friends!


  1. I have to laugh. When my husband and I were dating we would talk to one another on the most evenings. One night my phone went dead, sort of. I could hear my sweatheart but he could not hear me. Of course hanging up and calling again did nothing. He drove across town in a panic that something had happened to me. When in fact it was just my big ol' Maine Coon Cat chewing on the cord from the phone to the receiver. :) I feel your pain.

  2. Wish you courage and hope things will go better soon!

  3. I hope that you get your lines of communication back up soon...but take heart you always have the postal system! :)