Friday, January 11

In the Box

I have lots and lots to show you and I will continue to break it up in to multiple posts.
This will help you get your mail fix!
 Art from Guiliana
 A very nice bundle from the Piccadilly Post complete with swatches!
 A postcard from CKB's travels
 Nora sends some fun themed mail from the Netherlands
 Matthew moved and here is the new place.
"Your turn"  Says the chicken to the turkey!  Love this postcrossing from the Netherlands.
This is also a cute card from Russia.  They are playing hide and seek.
A letter from MH
2 letters from Malyss.
Hannah is back with a note.
2 interesting postcrossings.  One is airplanes and JFK vs. CDG in Paris and the other is crossroads in the Netherlands
A nice package from Mendy
2 cards from Taiwan and Russia (I believe, yikes took this pic over a week ago)
Russian square.  Quite dreamy, don't you think?
Japanese postcrossing of food!  How colorful!
Until the next installment, Happy Mailing!


  1. Happy Mailing to you as well. Your mailbox looks like it's been keeping good company.

  2. Your mailbox looks like a lot of fun to me. I love days/weeks where I open the box and there's so much mail it almost pours out into my hands! I know the folks at the post office think I'm a nutpie but I don't care. Enjoy yourself!