Monday, January 7

Make Something Monday- Postponed : (

Well I have had no luck uploading any photos.  I upgraded my web browser and tried a different computer, still no luck.  SO I finally emailed the gurus at google to see if they are aware of the problem, meanwhile if anybody has any insight as to how to upload the images from my camera to the blog, let me know! 


  1. I had problems with my other blog awhile back. I still can't upload photos from my camera to my blog, If I'm using internet explorer, but I can upload the photos from my phone. If that doesn't work try opening your blog with google chrome.

  2. Have you uploaded into your iPhoto and then put them on the blog from your desktop?

  3. iPhone - LOL I am very low tech. The google chrome is working though, but I was surprised though that overnight I could not post.