Friday, June 29

Eight Things I like to Recycle into Mail

I am accumulating quite a menagerie of ephemera since I started this whole creative process!   I am finding I have difficulty over and over again with keeping various materials.  I hope I will be able to put some or all to a good use some day, and if not, I hope somebody else obsessive compulsive gets wrangled into the mess and considers it treasures!
My top 8 thingd I keep to recycle are

1) Some food boxes and food labels
2) Stickers off fruit, drug labels, sent mail sometimes, and so on
3) Fortunes from cookies
4) Ads from inside the DVD cases
5) Brochures
6) Security Envelopes
7) Chinese Menus
8) Old books and magazines

What's on your list? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. I like to pick up things whenever I go places: maps, business cards, free magazines, menus, paper bags (new obsession!), etc. Basically anything that can be pasted on an envelope! If I am walking around, I keep an eye on the ground for anything interesting too. Fortunes from fortune cookies are probably my favorite thing to decorate an envelope with.

    I really need to start remembering to save junk mail/security envelopes. I'm in the process of getting rid of my current stash since I've had most of the paper bits for years now.

  2. I love all this creative re-use. You know I love to use menus too - security envelopes, maps, old books and mags, labels ripped from cans of things I cook with, old recipe cards, bus passes, transit tickets, supermarket lists found in carts...oh the list goes on and on....

  3. I usually come home with a pocket full of ephemera for later use as mail-art. Items include: business cards, receipts,timetables, beermats, proof of posting receipts,coffee shop loyalty cards and more. For example: