Saturday, June 23

Feed the New PO Box - Mail Challenge

Now that I have a new P.O. Box, I think it's time for a mail challenge and give away.  Remember Nancy Drew?  I think that set of 30 different postcards is totally cool so I am willing to send them to anybody who can creatively recycle a piece of card board food container (such as a cereal box, mac and cheese, boca box)  I often use these items to package my own mail. 
If you need some inspiration, check out my friend at the Picadilly Post.
And here is a recent piece from me. 
It says, "What would Grandma say?"

These may not win any awards, but at least I try!  And you should too!

Mail your creative entry to

P.O. Box 613
Nazareth, PA 18064

Deadline: July 13th
All countries are welcomed as long as they come in by deadline.
Please include a return address.  All who enter will get a postcard in reply!
Items submitted will not be returned.
And if you totally hate Nancy Drew, let me know.  I am happy to randomly select 30 postcards from the oodles and oodles I accumulate!

Happy Making!


  1. I'm in!
    PS: I like the new colors of the background here!

  2. I was ready for a change. I had tried a multi page but I did not like it very well. Glad that you are sending something. You are in the top of the pile to reply to!

  3. I love the envelopes. I enjoy the Boca ones I usually get. I'll try this out : )

  4. Please give it a go! Think outside the box, but with a box. Or in a box with the outsides . . . just give it a try: )