Tuesday, June 26

Stationery - Beautiful Stationery

I am sure several of you out there know this "secret" already, but here it is again.  A good place to find some cheap stationery is Micheals Craft/ Art Stores.   Some of the stationery is really cheaply made, but sometimes its not bad.  Here are some I was recently attracted to.
I like the patterned one and the owl is embossed!
I like sparkly and it says hello.  Unfortunately the photo does it little justice.
For some reason I am found of raw paper.  Hopefully this takes ink well!
Next to the Micheals was a Pier One Imports store.  On occassion I find something stationery there and I found these 2 funnies last time I was in.
What good help I have!

But they definitely are not made from quality paper, so it you are a paper snob do not buy these!
And an "aww" moment

So tired from playing he couldn't make it to the bed.  He really loves the toy box!  You should see him dig through it to find the "cat" toys.
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  1. Dear you, I'm somewhat worrying: Have you received what I sent to you? A brown envelope with things inside?..
    I absolutely love your kitty!! :o)