Monday, June 25

The IN's

Hello all!  I am trying to stay on top of things and make sure that I get mail responded to in a timely manner and get it posted here as well!
Top of the list is from my Mom!  This year I didn't advertise my birthday so this was my only card, and trust me, I am okay with this!
It was a postcard kind of week!

An Annabelle original and a nice Icelandic horse from Juanita

The spectacular city view was from SJ when she was last in Philly and the other is from SS - Congrats on the job and the move!
A nice bundle from LR who was added to my blog role.  She just started the Envelope Chronicles blog.   LR has been a long time fixture on
A nice visual package from Juanita at There's Only Juan blog
What a cute clucker!  From CKB.  I always enjoy things that are a little different.
A pretty note from my mail friend Nora.  All the Netherland stamps came uncancelled!
Another uncancelled stamp and a nice note from the Post Muse!
A great note from GL - Happy travels my friend!
A note from JK.  I was hoping to go to MI this summer, but its not looking promising.
Happy Belated Matthew! 

With that, I hope this finds your mailboxes full and happy!


  1. Well, Happy Birthday! May I ask when your birthday is? I wish I would've known! :) Hope you had a great day.

  2. My birthday was this last weekend. I had a decent day. I made some things but I can't show you as they are in the process of being sent!

  3. Hope you got a lot of letters written on Sunday after all your "distractions" went home! lol