Friday, June 15

Shopping Therapy

This week has been a bummer.  After I have a week like this and if it coincides with payday, I take myself shopping.  Now most of you know I can be cheap and with a house to work on and furnish, one of the first stores I went to was Goodwill.  They can have some pretty random goodies on their shelves since their merchandise is all donated by folks like me wanting to declutter.  Well there is a saying "One person's trash is anthers treasure"  and today I found a few simple treasures!
What?!?! And brand new 30 different postcards?  Too awesome!  I almost jumped up and down with glee when I snagged these.
Some bookmarks to give out.
$0.49 for some Mary Englebright's.  I do enjoy some of her uplifting phrases.

These are cool.   I feel like they costs a lot more than want I got them for.

After I had such good luck at the Goodwill Store, I decided to go next door to the TJ Maxx.  Another great place to find random merchandise at decent prices. I usually have terrific luck at this location finding scrapbooking paper, stickers, stationery and crafting supplies.

A plethora of air mail themed stationery bits.  Next give away I do will include the journal - for sure!
Some interesting postcards for cheap.
Some interesting art postcards.  I was intrigued by the designs and wish there was more info on the artist.
Some pretty images of NYC.  Usually I collect Paris, but these are pretty too!
These were some neat antiquarian postcards.  They are from the inside of old books.
I have this thing for Cynthia Rowley stationery and was very happy to add these cards to my collection as my favorite paper by her dwindles.  Hopefully some more of that will come my way soon.  Perhaps I should write her a note of appreciation. . .
Well being paper always makes me feel a little bit better.
My Best,


  1. Wow, you hit the jackpot at Goodwills! I love TJ Maxx too, but never found any postcards there. They usually have a great selection of note cards though. I especially love the NY cards and airmail stationery. Awesome stuff!!!

  2. I'm always surprised by the incredible treasures you can find in your shops! I've never found postcards or stationery .

    I hope things and state of mind will get better soon..