Friday, June 8

New Stationery for a New House

I know, I know.  I need more stationery like I need a hernia.  I need more stationery like I need my car to break down.  I need more stationery like I need well . .  more stationery ! )  I guess that is the reason I consider myself a stationery addict.    But my buys are your chances to ooo and ahh and point and laugh at the ever increasing collection of crazy!
Here we go . . .again
some letter paper
Above is not very fancy, but the texture is cool and I look forward to using it as a base to create my own letterhead.
2 fun stamps to use on above letterhead or on anything really. blah,blah.blah!

A fantastic box of half priced Klimt painting cards!
The above are cute, liked the sayings and they are prettier in hand than in the picture.
"Write More Happiness into the World"
Again the sayings make the cards.

And finally (for now) 3 tablets that match some of the above card. 

Well that's the tour for now.  Enjoy!


  1. such pretty paper goodness! :)

  2. I thought the whole reason you bought a house was for the paper storage.....

  3. OOOO, Aaaah! :o)
    Your finds are great! like Stamp Tramp, I think you really needed a bigger house to your storage! :o)

  4. Just found out about your new house by mail! yay!