Sunday, June 17

The In Box

I am low on words today, but heavy on pictures.  Enjoy!
From the Mssive Maven
A first year invite!
The postcard is from a SendSomething friend and the letter from Rob! 
Above and below are some housewarming cards!

A few postcards from assorted friends!  Traveling the world through my mailbox
Mail Art from Andy at MailArt 365
A beautiful handwritten letter from Troy!
A nice letter and card from Misty - the Pen Thief.  A funny thing about these cards - I send them to my mother.  She is a crossword fiend and I find it a good way to get her involved with my mailing habit.
Some more wonderful postcards.  The top is from the Letter Writing social in DC and designed by Melissa at Craftgasm.  The lower is from Sendsomething - MP!
From Bonnie Jean- the Postmuse.  It came with another orphan postcard.  If you don't know about the project - check her out in my blog roll.
Another welcome home from KC!
A great note from Juli. 
That's all for now.  More to come!

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