Saturday, June 2


I was torn as to whether to post all the mail that has accumulated over the last month and some, but I decided to start.  Please remember this is 45days worth of responded to mail and that I really am not that popular. 
From Tara who moved to the East Coast not too long ago
Above and below are postcrossings.  I do not have a preference on whether my cards come in an envelope or not.
From Misty - the Pen Thief
From Annabell!
From Juli D.
From Just Letter Rip.  Apparently not my best photography work.
A wonderful note and gift from Picadilly Post.  That's what she does with security envelopes!
Something fancy from Hannah
A nice letter from Matthew
A two-fer from CKB.  Little does she know that she helped name my new cat!
A nice postcard from Juanita!

Lucas Writes me a letter!
A bundle from Kendall to make my little mailbox happy!
A package from Kati introducing me to her neck of the woods.
My first mail and a house warming from my good friend BreezieKay

Now that is some of the goodies, more to come soon.  And once I make a decision about my P.O. box situation, I will open up the address for awhile so you too can see your mail here.
Thanks for supporting the USPS!


  1. Wow! I love the snow white cat postcard! It's adorable!^^

  2. So many cards, from so many people! I have a question: How do you keep them? I mean : have you boxes, files ?...By people, by country?..

    1. Hi Maylss. I also have a card, letter, etc collection like The Snail Mailer. I scan all of my postcards, greeting cards, and interesting stamps onto my computer. Then, I take the actual cards, letters, etc, and put them into a box that I sort through about once per year. At the end of the year, I keep the ones I really like, chuck the ones that I don't like or that have no real importance to me, and the ones I can't decide on go back in the box. When I sort, the ones I definitely want to keep go into a file sorted by person for pen-pals and mail from friends. All the other items I keep are sorted by country. I also have a set of postcards that are hung on my wall as art - my goal is to eventually cover the entire wall with cards in place of wallpaper or paint.

  3. Wonderful cards, envelopes, etc! I love seeing the variety.

  4. Some cards go into an album but for the most part I try to log that it came in in a spreadsheet and then place it in a box. I have a good memory and since I keep my contacts limited, I don't need extra help for now.

  5. Thank you to both of you for your answers!

  6. I helped you name your cat?? Should I feel honored? ;)