Sunday, July 1

Some Birthday Thank You's

Hello folks!
This year I did not make a big deal out of my birthday, so it was all the more sweet that a few friends remembered.  Besides a few cards (which I will post on incoming),  I also got a few treats.  Literally!
The ladies of the Cardoholics got me some cupcakes (carrot cake to be exact) during our card making outing at Panera - no pics of the food, sorry.  Thanks Tracy for the surprise! 
But I do have a picture of the fruits of our labors.  These are some talented card makers.

Now if you are not a member of a creative group like this, than find one, make one, consider joining one on-line.  It's all the same.  Get your creative juices flowing!
Even if your style is a bit different.
Charles swab security envelope, scrap paper, and Star Wars Rubs
The security envelopes were stacked and waiting for me from Joanna of the Stamp Tramps. 
Nancy, the other half of the Stamp Tramps, also set me up with a little something! 

Thanks so much, expect mail soon.
And finally my friend Ashley sent a little something.  She had sent me PooPoo paper before, but this is nice!  Love that box!

PooPoo Paper is made from elephant dung and the sale goes to conservation of the species.  Sounds gross but awesome!  Especially if you are friends with a parasitologist.
Hope your summer is going well!
Thanks friends! 

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