Wednesday, June 6

Mail Cat Update

Alphonse and some mail from Kendall
Please say hello to the newest Mail Cat in the house.  This is Alphonse, named after Mucha - the first piece of mail I got after moving was  from CKB with a beautiful Mucha drawing as an envelope.  The name seemed to fit.
I had every intentions of adding a playmate for my other kitty Sloopy. 
Sloopy in sepia tones
Sloopy is a bit younger and was never much help in the mail department, but was too young and playful for the head mistress and postmaster Mickey.
Mickey investigating the photography equipment
She takes her job very seriously.
Alphonse has been fascinated with the pens and papers, so I do believe he will have a similar interest in the post office that is my home!
If you want to see more images of kitties with mail check out the Feline Postal Brigade Flickr group.

Happy Writings my friends!


  1. SOO CUTE! I love the name Alphonse for a kitty... and such an adorable kitty. Glad to help. ;)

  2. Hello, Alphonse! i like the idea that you've got a french name! :o) What a kitties team!