Tuesday, June 5

Something New

I like to experiment.  I have used a variety of materials and paints for various projects and recently I had a thought.  What does nail polish look like on a postcard?
First attempt was so-so.  Call it a learning curve.
Second was much better.  I liked the enamel look.
As an embellishment.  Love it!

And then I went green for a quick collage.
To those who received the postcards - enjoy!  And for the rest, try something different today!
My Best,


  1. I ALWAYS like your creativity!

  2. I wish I could have creativity like you do! I love the green one a lot!! So nice! :)

    1. If you really break down my stuff, you will see it's actually rather basic!

  3. Green collage arrived - it was on the doormat when I arrived home from our little trip away to the Highlands. Lovely!