Monday, December 5

Catching up slowly

Hello all,
Here are some more of the incoming I have recieved recently.  A real attempt was made this weekend to catch up and even work on getting ahead!
In no particular order,

A package from Louise at Lou La La Crafts.  And the holiday season starts . . .
Also a zine she contributed to.

A note from a friend.  I'm sure the next will carry tidings of snow. (just check out the postmark for some insight)
From the 365 sisters  and they are always happy for more mail!

Not one but 2 letters from Wolfey! 
2 postcrossings - Happy Sinterklaas Day (12-5)
A sendsomething and a postcrossing
Nora's note.  Still one of the best things to come from Postcrossing
From darling KC, Has it been a year already?
Girl on a Glide moved!  Back to the South and just in time to evade a WY winter!
Fun ads and bits from Patty at Just Letter Rip (blogroll)
A nice note from EF I like the paper bits.
A great image and letter from RN!  I forgot to ask where the image came from, but it's stunning.
A nice letter from L.V.  She was a contributor to the recycle challenge!
I will try to put up some more of my outgoing mail up soon. 
Till then, I hope this tides you all over!
Keep writing!


  1. Did you talk with your postman? what does he think about all the mail you receive?..

  2. Actually I invite them to look at my stamps, postcards, and mail all the time. If they are not busy, as soon as I get my PO Box contents, I take it to the counter and we all look at it together (externally only, contents are private!) But they enjoy it very much!