Monday, December 12

Highly Doubt They Will Peek

Hello all,
I promised to post a view of the 2 paper cuttings I got for my Mom and a brother.  I know on occasion both have looked at this blog, but it is so rare, that I doubt they will see them before they unwrap their gifts this weekend.  (We are having an early holiday since a few of the family are in the medical profession).

12 days of Christmas
 Paper cutting goes back to the ancient Chinese days.  The Pennsylvania Dutch still give paper cuttings as a traditional gift for several events (births and marriages).  Look at the details!  It is wicked tiny!  And done by razor blade.  I would not want the sneezes while carving these out.

Hope this finds you all merry and bright!


  1. Very impressive! papercutting s also a tradition in north-east of France and in some parts of Germany.

  2. Awesome Scherenschnitte! I bet the person who did that tree had some massive hand cramps!