Wednesday, December 21

Let's Here it for Mail

It's been awhile since I have had the time and (I'll admit it) the desire to post some of my incoming.  The holiday season continues to swirl as I settle in from a long trip to "home"  (aka Ohio).  I actually have received and responded to much more than what I am about to show you, but I wanted to break this up a bit to let each letter shine.
First off, the wall of holiday cards.  I have added a few more, but I did a group picture just to allow some privacy since the majority are photo cards.

On to other fun

Awhile ago I won a fun contest for creative mail.  The pillow finally arrived just in time for the holidays.  And no worries, I was a student once and understand the limitations of coinage when applied to mail!  All the other note cards were bonus gifts!
The top card is from Juanita at There's Only Juan blog.  She sent me a way cool stamp - below that is a scratch off to reveal the answer.  I decided to leave mine intact for posterity!

One is postcrossing and the second is a private exchange from Annie.  You'll probably be seeing a lot more from her as time goes on.
Some lovely Postcrossing cards!
2 postcrossings.  The top is from Brazil and has a terrific bat stamp!

Malyss knows how to package some sunshine and send it my way!
A lovely packed envie from my dear friend Carrie

Well that is a wrap for now!  I hope to get more up soon!
My Best,

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  1. Something else left the shore this week.. tell me when you'll receive it!