Thursday, December 1

Fun Letter

Hello all,
One of the letters I responded to recently was this fancy note from a fellow on sendsomething.  The picture does not do the letter justice! 

There are built in envelopes and packages that contain other little notes and pieces. The edges are woven with 2 ribbon materials and scalloped.  All in all, a very special note!  The sender said he was really into taking the time to hand craft something special for people he writes. 
The front envelope panel is also made of woven paper and on the back (not pictured) is a hand drawn scene of a tree!  It is really nice to receive a letter made with so much care and time!

I hope this finds you all inspired to create!


  1. A letter like that makes one feel extra happy and special! How beautiful!

  2. I love this letter! It's definitely given me some inspiration for future letter writing :) Thanks for posting!