Monday, December 26

How To Get More Mail

(Warning, an attempt at humor was made)

In the new year many people have resolutions on ways to improve their lives.  But how many of us stick to our new diet, exercise plan, financial plan, or really quit anything? Well one resolution that will probably not make the top ten national list is to get more mail.  It helps to save the post office and mail in your mailbox is like Zanaxx in your coffee!!!!  It makes you feel all lovely and calm inside.
Now I have long been told that nothing in life is free (though I argue taxes are definitely given out freely). So here is my crazy plan to increase mail into the old mailbox.

1) Start a blog and open a P.O. Box  - (wait too close to real life ! )

2) Join Facebook and insult Ashton Kutcher while leaving your P.O. Box out there for anybody to send a reply. 

3) Join Postcrossing and SwapBot and be an active member!!!

4) Join Sendsomething and put a quirky question up for any to answer.  Although if you really wanted to increase your odds of being hit on a random search, join 5 times with 5 different profiles and try to appeal to mass audiences (muahaha - not tried, just thought I'd insert an evil laugh here)

5) Host a mail contest every month that required mailed in participation to win. (Again with the real life!)

6) Do a form letter insulting or loving (your choice really) the late night talk show hosts of every major network.  Try to ask reasonable though not necessarily rational questions for a response.

7) Send out a self addressed and stamped postcard to all your family and friends to send back.  Tell them you cry at night because you miss them so.  Even if this is not the case, sympathy and pity can be weapons to your advantage.  Unless of course your brother was a Navy man- then he just says "Boohoo cry baby, thanks for the stamp, I put it on a bill."   (This has not happened to me, but knowing my brother . . . well let's just say it was not a great stretch of the imagination! )

8) Write a form letter to all your favorite companies and ask for coupons after telling them how much your life was improved by their latest, greatest product.

9) Become famous but controversial.  Not only will the media bash you, but you will get both fan and hate mail! 

10) Besides the last one, notice a trend?  The most important and successful way to get letters and postcards is . . . drum roll . . . send one and allow for reply!!!! Ta da! 

Okay it was not rocket science, but let us all do our best in the new year to help support the Post Office.  Because without them, we would not have the opportunity to reach out to each other so easily and cheaply and with such great stationery!

Hope this leaves you smiling!  Feel free to add to the list and keep the mail alive.


  1. hahaha I laughed at #7. I'm working on a reply to your last letter by the way. :)

  2. Becky, LOL !!! *can't stop smiling* :D

  3. Very cute! Just came to this post when I saw you were on the recent supporters list of Postcrossing. Good for you.
    Sending lots of random Postcrossing postcards is my way of supporting the postal service above and beyond... I shudder to think what the stats would be if I calculated my postage costs every month!

  4. Good ideas and funny! We do need to all make an effort or we will lose our USPS as we know it.

  5. Thanks all - and I do cry at night big brother . . . I do - lol!

  6. What about that little trick of sending address labels? In your Christmas cards? Hmmn, maybe I should have thought of that. Letter coming your way, tomorrow!

  7. all the easier to write me with my dear! LOL