Tuesday, December 6

The Ladies are Back in Town!

That's right they are back together and crafting!
I am super happy to announce that the Cardoholics Anonymous group, a local paper crafting meet up, is back to cutting, gluing, embellishing, and folding this winter!!!  I have to say that if any of you ever have the opportunity, you should seek out a group of crafters to join.  Bouncing creative ideas around and problem solving together, really, really help you unleash your creativity to the fullest extent.  Many times they have struggled with the same materials and will tell you what has worked for them and what they find does not work at all.  Plus you can introduce them to new materials like washi or deco tape.
I know many in this group are focused on mail art, but do not discount the creative talents and ideas of scrapbookers, traditional card makers, rubber stampers, and book binders.  Just ask to bring your own thing and be amazed at the suggestions that roll your way!  I think the true spirit of crafting groups should be to inspire one another to play outside the box or try something different. 

Doing my best to generate positive and creative energy,

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  1. And they'll be back again tomorrow! Hope you can come!