Sunday, December 25

Happy Holidays!

To those who celebrate- Merry Christmas!  To those that don't celebrate - My Best Wishes always, just because you are in my thoughts today!
A few special thank you go out to the following
To Val:
Thanks for supporting me from the very start of the blog!

The gift of stamps!!!!
To Lou at Lou Lou Crafts:
Thanks for sending something for me to open on Christmas morning.  It can be lonely being far from family and friends on a holiday.  But having a package to open is exciting and is physical contact with the world at large!  Hope you are having a good day on your own too!

She makes such wonderful "warm your heart" things. 
To the Picadilly Post:
Thanks- you always know how to brighten my day!  Letter and more will be on its way South to you!

The wrapped goodies I opened this AM

All the contents of a super lovely package (minus a few stamps-a postcrosser in Slovenia will be the recipient of those - a gift that gives on!) 
To Everybody who patrons this blog:
Just a big heart felt thank you!  You have no idea how this little electronic world has grown to be much more to me.  It's hard to describe the fulfillment I get from a post that generates interests or seemingly has inspired others to create!
My Best and Happy Holidays,


  1. Merry Christmas to you, dear Becky!I understand and share this feeling about the meetings done through blogging.I hope you had a great day today (here it's 11 pm, Christmas is already over... sigh)

  2. Awww happy christmas Becky! Thank you too. Ive just opened yours now and its so lovely xxx

  3. I'm so glad us pen friends could send you a merry Christmas Day since you celebrated earlier with your family. Truly, every good mail day is a little like Christmas. I'm grateful we met through the mail!