Sunday, December 4

Upcycle- Weird Envelopes

Hello mail land and a special welcome to Luxemborg!
I have a tracker on my views that tells me the countries the viewers are from, and I saw Luxemborg for the first time today- so welcome and yay!

For all the rest, I hope this finds you all ready to create! 
Project 1
The first envelope idea is borrowed from the talented Pamela and I believe I have shown it before, but here it is again.
Start with a brochure of some place fun.  I gutted this one because it was a rather thick brochure and saved some of the inner images to cover other addresses on the exterior.
Add tape.
Finish and mail.
I figure if a picture is worth a thousand words, a brochure could inspire a short story!

Project 2
I have recently become addicted to double envelope books.  I usually just make a 2 part one, but you could easily add in a third and fourth envelope to vary the design. 
Take 2 leftover similar envelopes.
Insert one flap inside the other and adhere the outer 2.  Above is the front view and below is the back view.
The inside after some embellishment.  The letter is to the left and some goodies are to the right.

Tape the othe 3 sides.  I usually only partially tape domestic mail, so people can easily cut it open.  And I usually clue them in to where to cut on the back so the wonderful book effect remains!
If you don't get too crazy with stuffing, it should mail at a normal rate!  I have no problem with the creation of these multipart structures (3 or 4 envelopes), my block is what to shove in to the various compartments without making them cumbersome!
A nice variation is to put the envelopes end to end to make a long fold out.  I have yet to make one and mail it, but I have recieved one from a sendsomething aquaintence!
Hope this finds you all crafty!


  1. Very nice! Looks like you've been quite busy and creative....

  2. Love the double envelope idea!!!

  3. I really think limiting my availability for new pen pals has enabled me some time to make special things for those I already have. And Just wait! The crafting group is back at it, so I am sure to get more crazy ideas!

  4. I'm always impressed by your creativity!

  5. Hey! I love the idea for the envelope mailer! How do you make it with four envelopes?

  6. Well you can do it 2 ways: flap to end, flap to end so it unfolds like the old looney tunes credit card roll or flap to flap like a wallet insert. I haven't messed with them too much, but I have received an end to end one.