Sunday, December 11

Sending and Recycling

One thing I love more than sending or receiving a fun and interesting letter is making care packages - huge heart here!- !!!  Recently, I was looking to consolidate my remaining stationery and knew I had a few beautiful boxes almost empty of their stationery (not stationary) contents.  I hated to toss them.  What memories and beauty!  What to do?  

How about combining some of my loves?  Here are some examples of the compact care packages I am sending out to a few pen friends.   It was fun to let go and I hope to eventually slow the accumulation and increase the home made pieces!

I like this holiday card very much, but could only score a handful of them at the Dollar Store!

The Post Office's Jolly Elf,


  1. Love those cards with the mail box too -- the dollar store???? Using the boxes to send small packages is a great idea.

  2. Your purging is another person's hoarding. lol