Saturday, December 3

Bethlehem is Christmas City USA

Hello all,
I know that usually the Pen Thief posts on interesting cancellations available.  But this one is all mine!  I live in Christmas City USA (aka Bethlehem, PA).  If you are interested in a holiday cancellation, you can send your letters to one of the many post offices on this list by the USPS.  I was a bit surprised to see Bethlehem's sister city just North of town, Nazareth, PA (home of Martin Guitar), also on the list.  I was told today that Bethlehem's postmark is the Moravian star. 

Image from wikipedia
The star can be seen all over town and honors the town's founders, the Moravians - a religious sect that came to Pennsylvania like so many others seeking freedom to worship what they wanted. 
Hope this finds you all happily mailing!

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  1. Thanks! I printed out that list for future reference. Next year I'll really be on top of my Christmas mailing game!!!