Monday, December 19

Family Christmas

Hell all,
I still have limited photos to put up as the camera is in one of the currently still packed bags.   Anyway the weather held for my trip back to Ohio to visit the parents and family there.  I quite happily got the one thing I had really requested!  Any guesses???
Stamps!  That's right all this mailer really wanted for Christmas was stamps : )
Anybody else have a similar request? 
Happy holidays to all! 

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  1. My dear friend Becky. What a delightful package of fun waiting for me today in my mailbox at the end of a particularly grueling day. You rock girl! I was "oohing and ahhhhing" with each item I saw. Thank you for your kindness. I am on the countdown here with 4 sleeps until Mexico! I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Wanda