Saturday, October 1

Revisiting Old Haunts

Hello all,
Well I promised to do something fun in celebration of my blog's 1 year anniversary, so I decided to check one off the old list!  (I have a literal list of places I want to visit in the Lehigh Valley area)  For today's adventure, I went down to Doylestown and returned to Fonthill (previous visit) and the Moravian Tile Works to walk the grounds.  Then I zipped over to the Mercer Museum which was created by the same man as the other structures and is an amazing labyrinth of vignettes and stairs and everyday objects from the pre-industrial revolution time period. 
the spinning room
The old post office

I can tell you that my photos do not do this place justice!  I think you would need a wide angle lens to take in all the layers of floors and stairs and twisting rails.  It was a real challenge for me to look around since I have a fear of heights. 
The stove cover and tile area with at least 3 sets of stairs and 2 narrow balconies present

A recreation of Columbus sailing the seas set in the floor.  This is a Mercer tile creation.

The new glass atrium to the Mercer Museum
Fonthill from the Arboretum path
Fonthill from the front lane
I also got some cards, became a member of the museum, and got some postcards!  These places are a real treasure from a creative mind.
These 2 postcards are free from the Mercer Museum's Spruance Library
This set of cards catalogs some of Mercer's tile art that he's famous for
Some of the not free postcards I picked up!

I hope you all enjoy my journey!  And I hope it makes you appreciate the treasures in your area all the more.
Dr. Mercer would be proud of us all as he was a prolific artist (not just tile, inks and paints as well) and documented everyday life, which is what we do in our letters and postcards.  I think he would be upset about what is currently going on with the USPS, so I plan to send out all that I can in support.  And if you haven't already, hop over to the Missive Mavens for the latest update on how you can help.

Hoping you keep putting pen to paper,


  1. You should have told me you were going! That place is my favorite place to go! It's also what inspired me to become a historian.

  2. Thank you for sharing your stroll at museum. This place is an enchanment; i like its architecture!and what a mood!
    the old post office is so interesting, with all those boxes!
    From Malyss who is having difficulty posting comments again (she has an ongoing battle with blogspot)

  3. Well Racheal, that would take planning and I tend to be a bit more spur of the moment on some of these trips.

  4. What a lovely place. I especially like the old post office:) And I absolutely dig the postcards :D