Monday, October 31

Halloween Fest - I'm Going as a Busy Beaver!

Hello all,
As many of you have probably hear, the East coast got nailed by a freak snow storm that took out trees and left many without power.  I on the other hand was fine.  I was spared power but lost cable, Internet, and phone service - oh no!  How to communicate with the outside world????
How about a few letters?

Here's most of my catch up pile from yesterday!  One more letter and I will have September replied to (good thing since November is knocking and the October stack awaits!)
And while I have no grand illusions of these letters being there before Halloween - Here are a few to celebrate the holiday!

Recycled Dunkin Donuts box - 2 postcards and an envie
just some fun envelopes!
Still behind in the letter department, but feeling a lot better about it!  Good that I lacked distractions and could just "make it happen" this weekend. 
Now for a gorgeous mail art card from Piccadilly Post (link)!  She' s a member of the IUOMA and makes terrific cards.
Back - Hopefully you can click on it to read it better!

SO thoughtful to put in the Bethlehem connection!  I learned something about a story that I already knew and loved. 
I hope this finds all my mail friends doing well and celebrating a fun, safe Halloween!


  1. Those are great! I was there for the snow storm too but didn't any mail art -- too busy freaking out. And guess what? I smuggled out some stuff from Friendly's to make mail art with (now that I am home in nice and snow-less SF).

  2. That last card is fantastic!