Thursday, October 27

A Confession

Hello all,
I hope you can all indulge me on a kind of mail related subject though its a stretch.  I have a guilty pleasure - well one of many besides stationery hoarding.  I have been a fan of Project Runway for years!!! And I also have a fondness for some other competition reality TV shows, but Project Runway is my favorite of all! 
I often feel as though it pushes the edges of creativity by forcing people to make quick decisions and use interesting materials.  I like to reflect this in my mail creations.  I've made envelopes out of duck tape, brochures, empty truvia bags, magazines, calendars, and such.  I also like to use can labels as stationery - a Warhol moment?  Through all of my creations and mishaps, I hear the voice of Tim Gunn whispering "Make it Work" so I try.  Oh Tim!  How I wish you were a mailer! 
Anyway, congratulations to this season's winner of Project Runway Anya!  (Josh you were robbed and much more will be heard from you!)
Tomorrow I should have the announcement as to who won the recycling competition!

Until then "Make it Work" and stamp and send!

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