Monday, October 24

Incoming for October

Hello Folks,
Sorry it's taken me a bit to put up the new, but with all the recent craziness of wonderful visitors, it is what it is.
In no particular order - at least none planned thus far
Pen palling Dad Blog
From the Pen Thief - returning a fold over I sent to her and a bonus uncancelled stamp

State card (heart)
Clowns from Germany and awesome found card from Ruth

Postcrossings from Germany and China

Postcrossings from Netherlands and USA - near the Mexico border
Postcrossings from Russia
Happiest places on Earth?
Love from Barcelona
A fan - Marian was very nice and sent me 2 for my 1 response
KC from Canada - a long time contributor!
For now that's all I have got responded to!  I should have the winner of the recycling contest by this weekend - yay!  So keeps looking for that soon too!
Keep mail thirsty my friends,

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  1. wow , you got a lot of nice mail

    grt Roos (a newbie at letter-blog)