Sunday, October 9

An Announcement

Hello mail friends,
With a heavy heart and an even crazier schedule, I have come to a conclusion that quality is superior to quantity.  With that revelation, I have decided to stop taking mail through my blog.  I will continue with Sendsomething, the many mail friends I have already made, and Postcrossing but I want to maintain a timely return on letters to those who I have been already in correspondence with and am trying to make lasting connections with them!  I may open up the blog P.O. Box to the public again, but I need a break right now!
I love all the mailers and followers to this blog.  So for all the fountain pen geeks, stationery freaks, and mail artist out there, here is a list of a few new blogs looking for pen friends!
Lola Star at Adventures of a Mail Junkie
The sisters at 365 letters in 365 days
Emily at Winnie's Girl
Randi at My Happy Mailbox
And you can always e-mail Renee at 2011 Letters - See my blogroll

With that, my friends, my mailbox is closed for new writers right now.  But I will continue to mail as I have and maybe I'll get caught up enough for some random acts of mailing! 
Keep the stamps a sticking and the pen a flicking!

P.s. I haven't forgotten the recycle challenge- it's up to my coworkers to pick a winner!

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  1. Good for you. In many regards, I probably should have done that long ago.