Wednesday, October 26

This and That

Hello all,
I am trying to get back into posting on a routine basis now that the end of October is near and snow is openly being discussed as a possibility for the higher elevations of Eastern PA.  With winter so close, I am glad to report I am looking forward to catching up on mail and starting a few endeavors of my own. 
First, I'd like to create more mail art and thankfully I have art museums locally to inspire some creations. 
Second, I've been in talks with some local people about creating our own creative co-op, so maybe that will be on the horizon soon.  We're still in talks right now.
Third, I've been making plans with friends for some museum and destination trips.  Hopefully a few folks will commit and I'll have a group to travel with.  If not, I cannot wait to go to some new places on my own! 

Hopefully this finds you all well and happy and ready for the impending cold weather in the North!

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