Sunday, October 2

Postcards and Pictures Abound

Hello all!
Well its been a busy week and weekend.  I can not believe it all went by so quickly.  I did get a lot of people written, but the inbox is mostly postcards because there are many letters still awaiting a response.  Also I got quite a few pictures from friends and pem pals.
In no particular order this week:

From Ciara at SendSomething

From K.D. at send something
Did you know there was a museum for the Russian Nesting Dolls called matryoshka?  That tidbit was learned this week through postcrossing!
From Postcrossing - Russia and Estonia
An update from an old friend
From Kati in Finland
a note from Shana
Thanks Val
From Sendsomething folks
From Postcrossing - love the Simplicity!

Another addition to my states card collection!   I like this one as I just want the state name on the front of it not necessarily a map card.  But all are appreciated!

No mail envy please!  Just start writing and you shall be rewarded!
My Best,


  1. What lovely mail! I especially love the matryoshka bears, so cuuute!!!

  2. I write and I get awarded but I still envy when I see someone's nice mail^^ I love the matryoshka bears too!!!