Saturday, October 29

The Weather Outside is Frightful, But Stationery is so Delightful

Hello all,
I'm sure a few of you have heard of the bad weather that is traveling the lower Eastern coast.  Some may wonder what's the fuss?  Well like many folks, I am a transplant.  I hail from somewhere that has a lot of snow, South of Lake Michigan!  That usually means I do not mind a lot of snow - with the exception of when the trees are fully leafed!  All the weight of the leaves and snow are breaking branches at an alarming rate and cutting off power. 
  I'm not always a quick learner, that means I had to see it first hand.  So I decided to go to Goodwill today and see what I could find, and find I did!
Naughty Betty stationery

Apparently Target could not get rid of their Naughty Betty stash (there were probably 10 of these total)  There were also tons of Christmas and Baby Shower cards - none of which spoke to me.  Perhaps I am getting picky with my stationery hoarding? 
But not picky enough to stay away from the TJ Maxx next door.  I shamefully say that I truly lacked the ability to say no there.  But look at what I found!
Potter style - Origami
Potter Style - Crossword cards
A wonderful date calendar for me!
And to be fair I found the following at Marshall's 2 weekends ago.  Just now posting them

Liberty Fabrics Cards
Tenues - Love Birds
Some note paper - with map graphics
Punch Card Studios French Butterflies
Sock Monkeys by Tenue
Back to the slow learning part:  After some shopping, the lights began to blink in the Marshall's and I thought "Crap, what if I lose heat?"  So I started the trek home, only to pass tree after tree that had dropped major branches on the roadway!  I had to turn from my course, 2 -3 times and take alternate routes.  
Branches touch the ground with green leaves that had yet to change color
A bit blurry but notice the limbs laying around the base of this tree and how bowed its limbs are

Guess Mother Nature knows best, but would have suggested to wait a few more weeks before the first big snow.  I would like to write her and express my opinions, but I don't suppose anybody has her mailing address?

Hope this finds you all warm and safe and celebrating a happy Halloween!


  1. I'm glad to share your snow (Just can't believe it!!) If you want some blue sky, come on my blog and take a piece of it to warm you! I offer it with pleasure!
    have a nice (not "an ice"..)week-end! :o)

  2. This is very atypical and a truly freak weather pattern for us. I guess they got snow like this before 30 yrs ago. But usually late November and early December mark our true snow season.

  3. We had our first snow this week,followed by our first hard freeze. I spent the day mucking up leaves and getting them in the compost pile. It has been in the 70's since the snow. Who would have guessed. Oh yeah, thanks for the Beatles.

  4. I missed the zombie walk in Bethlehem! Stupid weather! I hope you didn't lose power, mine flickered for a bit, but that was all. Joanne hasn't had any all day, she said it's 55 in her house. My sister has been without since Sat. at noon. I'm counting my blessing - I only lost half a dogwood. Stay safe.

  5. I very luckily never lost power, but internet, cable, and my cell phone reception were another story. Hopefully things will recover quickly since I doubt winter is truly here. Come on warm up!

  6. Wow, a stationery addict too!!! Thought I was the only one!

  7. Oh No Ammy! You're not the only one and you are in good company here - lol

  8. I'm so glad you were safe and did not loose power. I wouldn't know how to deal with all that snow. Here in atlanta it gets cold we might have snow or ice storm once but when that happens the town shuts down. Glad you safe and warm and love the stationery!