Saturday, October 15

Documenting my Travels Through Notes and Postcards

Hello all,
My family is still visiting me from Ohio, so I thought I would throw up a quick post about the many postcards and note cards I have gotten on my travels with them.
First my Mom brought me these watercolors done by a local artist in the county south of where I grew up.  They are based on historic photos of current and past landmarks.  But I think they will be nice for postcrossing.

Then we went to the Michner Art Museum in Doylestown to see the amazing art quilt exhibit.   They had a wide variety of postcards.

Finally today we went to downtown Bethlehem and I snagged these beauties from the historic society.  Remakes of retro cards documenting the old downtown.

Finally from the roof of the central parking garage- here's a picture looking North to my section of town.

Gotta run!


  1. Great cards! Beautiful view of your town. Enjoy your time with your family!

  2. I always buy postcards from places I'm visiting. That's why and how I have a great collections of them. I also keep them to illustrate some of my works. Postcards are popular and simple, but a kind of art anyway!

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