Wednesday, October 9

The New Types on the Block

Well one of my friends did it again.  She is a garage sale goddess and scored not 1 but 2 typewriters for me at a garage sale!  They are both travel sized but I like the one in the case a lot! 
This is the older of the 2 and has a nice hard case.  It was actually moldy in spots when I got it, but for $5 everything worked and that was amazing!

Above and below are the compact Smith Corona Skywriter complete with owners manual! 
 There was a manual of old letterheads to practice typing on stuck in the skywriter!  I look forward to using it for letters.  While I am typing I may even pretend to be a young lady from the 50's training for a secretarial job!

I took them both in to my typewriter guy for ribbons and general oiling/cleaning/ maintenance.  I figure the little bit I spent on them, they could get beautified! 
And now I am off to use the new darlings! 

My best to you all!


  1. Are you beginning a collection?! I had one in the 70ies, just wondering where it 's gone..

  2. Sure enough. 1 is a tool. 2 is a hobby, but 5 is a collection and I have a feeling it may grow more. Several of the family members are awesome bargain shoppers and I am so hard to buy for that they grasp at paper and now typewriters and postcards for me.

  3. GAH! I just picked up my first typewriter recently (ie: jumped on the typewriter train) and those two are pure beauties!

  4. These look awesome... I'm looking forward to finding one of those gems for myself someday!

  5. Very nice! I was up to 3 at one point, but am now down to one.