Tuesday, October 1

Postcards in a Plethora!

Here we go again!  I am so happy to see the piles going down!  And Postcrossing is probably happy to have all these images added to their database.
Postcrossing from Russia
A postcrossing from the Ukraine - interesting choice to send 
 A contribution to my states collection via a postcrosser in the USA
 A postcrossing from China.  I love their scenery cards!  I have even done private exchanges to get more of them.
 These actually go with the above.  The same Postcrosser was generous and sent me a variety of cards.  I think these will go in my keeps box.
A postcrossing from Russia.  Rather seasonally appropriate don't you think?
 An awesome postcrossing from Latvia showing locks on a bridge.  Once married the newly weds take a lock and place it here to symbolize never ending love!
 A nice gold foil postcrossing from Belarus.

A card from Matthew before the move.

 A great postcrossing from Finland.  It's an old illustration and recipe for a drink called Heart wine which is said to help with heart problems.
 Bonus is that I also recieved an Angry Bird stamp!
A great card from my friend on her travels.  Nebraska from World War II and shows a dog training center.

A little shorter post than I wanted but my computer is giving me some issues with uploading the photos.  Until the next installment - my best to you!



  1. Great cards. Do you save all of the written and stamped postcards or just certain ones? I only ask because you said that the ones from china might go in your keep box. Is it because they aren't written and stamped and you like them? Just curious.

    1. Most cards go in to a keep box for general mail. I have a few small albums for special favorites and a box for special unwritten on cards. Very rarell I will give them away or take them with me for others to view. I probably should do a separate box for just postcards, but so far the above is as much as I have thought to do. I want to do a special box or presentation sometime on postcrossing for the Naz. Library but I have yet to talk to the guy in charge.
      Hope you are well! -b