Thursday, October 31

SendSomething.Net Update

Hello all! 
Breaking news from the SendSomething fan page on Facebook. 
The question was asked as to why some people were able to embed photos and borders into their profiles while the vast majority do not. 
The answer is their ability to do basic programming. 
The team at SendSomething has currently decided that this may cause the network to be compromised and/or crash and mentioned a stop order.  They may make changes in the future regarding adding a photo or photos.  But until then, it's a plain Jane look for all.
You are welcomed to weigh in here or join the fan page and become part of the community there to voice an opinion.


UPDATE:  Laura, the administrator of the site is doing a poll over at the SendSomething Fan page on Facebook that will allow you to vote on the future of the site.  Head over to add your feedback, or don't whine if it does not turn out the way you want it to.


  1. Phew! Much preferred... Keep it simple! Or else all of our favorite social networks will go the way of myspace (*shudder*).

  2. I didn't even know that SendSomething had a Facebook page! Thanks for the info!!!