Monday, October 28


Hello out there!  I don't know if you all heard, but Postcrossing is about to celebrate its 20 millionth postcard sent!  Literally, it will happen tonight.  I was just over there and saw we were approaching the thousands left and at 600 cards per minute it should be very soon!  I was hoping I would have a card to register but alas, I did not check my post office box this morning - doh!
Postcrossing was running a "bet" on when the winning card would come in, but my guess is in Nov and way, way off. 

Now for anybody who does not know about postcrossing, it is a great site where a pool of senders are randomly matched and each card has a country code and its number that identify it.  Once your card is received, you are able to get sent a postcard from a random person.  I personally crossed the 500 sent and received mark earlier this year and I continue to learn so much about the world around me.

With that, I hope your mailbox is full and that you know you are not alone, because it takes a lot of crazy postcard users to reach 20 million!


  1. I know Postcrossing only through some blogs, but never heard of it in France .. :o(

    1. You know I send to France routinely through the site. It's just a web link you sign up for. I know you could do it if you want!