Saturday, October 5

Make Something Monday: Bat Garland Letter

I am a utilitarian first and foremost!  If there is a way to have something beautiful and functional, then all the better.  I came across this fun how to make bat garland and when I was getting ready to make it, a thought popped into my head!  What about a letter that could be hung up as a decoration for the holiday?  And thus this project was born!

First I blew up the template I found at Yankee magazine several sources made this from felt, but being more paper oriented, I thought this would be better out of cardstock for the garland itself and thinner paper mounted on cardstock for the actual letter. 

Find some shades and patterns of black paper and trace the image from the above site.  The cut them out. 

Glue the bat pieces to the cardstock and I rounded the corners of the card stock.

Sorry about the photos, I had lighting issues. 

Punch holes and tie embroidery floss to connect the panels.
I think it's time to paint this wall and update my camera!

Viola!  you have a cute and stylish garland, I mean, letter.  Either way, your pen friend will love it!


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