Sunday, October 27

Make Something Monday: Going Batty!

This is the final installment of my Halloween projects and one I have had floating around in my mind for awhile.  It was nice to finally sit down and put them on paper!

I hope you are ready to glimpse inside my mind which is a blend of color, weirdness, and toss in some wryness.  I think this is why I love the Ballard Street cartoon so much.
I decided to make a series of cards and postcards that answer the question, "What happens when bats decide to dress up?"  Mind you I have limited artistic talent but a huge imagination!

This is an amazingly budget friendly project!
 Grab some plain white index cards.
 A glue stick and a bat punch (this one is a Martha Stewart from last year's clearance)
Add some sentences, I used my typewriter, but you could do whatever.  Finally kick your sense of humor into wacky!

I know Sydney is misspelled, but anything goes with names.

I don't think the sparkles showed very well!
And this is one of the things that keeps me up at night!  What sentences would you add for next year?
Happy Halloween!


  1. I'm quite new to your blog but I just want to say how much I love it! :) And this is such a cute idea too. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you! Comments like this keep me going.

  2. I LOVE these!!! They are so funny!!!!!

  3. Love your blog! This is amazing! Expect a postcard from me soon through Postcrossing! :) (I'm Volvomom on rhe site)

    1. Thank you for the support! Words of encouragement are always welcomed!