Friday, October 4

The Big Postcard Finale

As the title states, this is the last of my catch up from the summer.  I will post pictures of all mail received after October 1st!  Just in time to see if I get anything spooky for Halloween.

Cloudberry chocolate bar packaging from a Russian Postcrossing.  I always invite people to send me bits of their everyday life.
 A postcrossing from the Czech Republic
 A fun postcrossing from Germany.  The little boy reminds me of my friends' toddler.
 A postcrossing from Germany
 A recipe card (sorry no translation) from a Chinese postcrossing.
 Surprisingly a postcrossing from the Netherlands.
 A postcard from a conversation with a send something friend Mia
 A nice thank you postcard from a private exchange on Postcrossing.
 Some fab mail art from my newer friend on send something, Susan.
 A postcrossing from Hungary that Judit Boros work of grapes and knit people.  Apparently its a big thing in Hungary.
 This is the envelope with some really cool stickers from the same postcrossing.  Good job Greta!
 And finally this is a Chinese postcrossing which also came in an envelope.
 The sender sent this mini photo and envelope.  I will be recycling these into some form of collage or give-away item!
And that my dear readers catches me up!  I know I missed a few over the summer that got tucked or filed elsewhere, but for the most part this is the collection since late June.
Wishing a very full mailbox!


  1. I love the chinese envelope and mini photo!

  2. The Chinese recipe card is interesting. And that thank you card with the typewriter and birds is so cute!